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Cambridge Fun Badminton

Nov 2019

Organised by CSBA in association with Cambridgeshire Badminton Association

The next fun tournament will be some time in November, date to be confirmed later

Fun Badminton Tournament for U11, U13 and U15 age groups

Time:   TBD 

Date:  TBD

Venue: One Leisure, St Ives - PE27 6WU

Entry Fee: £6

Entry form will be available nearer the time


1. All events will be on a round robin basis.

2. Games will be played to a time limit, the winner having the most points when the time expires. The new rally point scoring system will be used.

3. The entry fee is £6 per player

4. Age groups

  U15 - 14 years of age or under on the day of the tournament

  U13 – 12 years of age or under on the day of the tournament

  U11 – 10 years of age or under of age on the day of the tournament

5. Each player limited to one doubles and one singles event on the day (e.g. U11 doubles & singles). You may nominate or ask for a doubles partner.

6. Singles will start at 09.00, doubles from 10.00.

7. Closing date for entries Wednesday 18th April 2018

8. Suitable clothing and shoes should be worn, plus own refreshments.

9. Please return entries as soon as possible.  Entries are limited to the capacity of the courts available.

Sandra Dennis - Tournament secretary

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